Vehicle Lease Agreements: Understanding Our Flexible and Comprehensive Solutions

In the fleet management world, choosing the right lease option can be pivotal to a company’s operational efficiency and financial prudence.

In the fleet management world, choosing the right lease option can be pivotal to a company’s operational efficiency and financial prudence. At Kishugu Fleet Solutions, we recognise the unique needs of businesses and provide tailored solutions that align with their objectives.

Full Maintenance Lease

The Full Maintenance Lease is a holistic approach to vehicle leasing. It’s not just about renting a vehicle; it’s about ensuring that the vehicle remains in optimal condition throughout its lease term.

How it Works

Upon opting for a Full Maintenance Lease, clients are charged a monthly fee which covers both the usage of the vehicle and its upkeep. What sets this apart is the hassle-free experience it offers. Should the vehicle require any maintenance or repairs, Kishugu Fleet Solutions takes the reins—authorizing, processing, and handling all associated payments.


The primary advantage of this lease is its simplicity. Businesses can direct their energy and resources towards their core operations, with the assurance that vehicle maintenance is managed expertly on their behalf.

Operating Lease

The Operating Lease is a flexible solution for businesses that prefer a blend of control and convenience. This plan prioritizes vehicle usage but also offers an optional layer of maintenance management.

How it Works

Under the Operating Lease, clients pay a monthly fee that encapsulates various services, from vehicle procurement to usage. Additional features like tyre replacement and detailed reporting underscore the lease’s comprehensive nature. However, the standout feature is its adaptability; clients can choose whether or not they want Kishugu Fleet Solutions to manage the vehicle’s maintenance.


The Operating Lease is all about choice. It empowers businesses to decide the level of involvement they want in vehicle upkeep, allowing them to strike a balance between hands-on management and outsourcing.

Why Choose Kishugu Fleet Solutions?

The answer is straightforward: Expertise. With years of industry experience, Kishugu Fleet Solutions understands the intricacies of fleet management. Our leasing options are designed with the client in mind, ensuring they receive value, reliability, and peace of mind. Whether you prioritise complete maintenance management or value flexibility in your lease, we have a FleetForward Advantage solution tailored for you.

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