Kishugu Fleet Solutions

Comprehensive fleet solutions for businesses of all sizes

Kishugu Fleet Solutions provide fleet solutions for all stages of your fleet lifecycle, including procurement, vehicle leasing & rentals, day to day fleet management, disposal and extensive value-adds.

Fleet lifecycle solutions

Our aim is to always be two steps ahead in thinking of fleet solutions for our clients. We’re changing the way people think about fleet management and logistics. If you’re ready to transform the face of your business, contact us today.

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Analysis & solution plan

We assist you in finding the best solution to satisfy your fleet requirements. Based on a thorough analysis of your business needs, we provide a tailor-made plan including total cost of ownership, leasing options, procurement & replacement, safety requirements and vehicle disposal.

Fleet procurement & replacement

We procure fleet vehicles at competitive prices based on your requirements. Our procurement process factor in intended vehicle usage criteria, any customisations required, specific safety standards if needed and optimal vehicle replacement points.

Fleet management

Managed maintenance

We utilise the manufacturers’ offering and requirements and negotiate the best maintenance solution to minimise your cost and ensure high levels of uptime.

Also included:

24-hour journey management centre
Vehicle maintenance by qualified mechanics
Fleet inspections on request

Extensive value-adds

In addition to managed maintenance we also offer a range of optional value-add services to simplify your day to day fleet management, improve safety and reduce risk.

Available value-adds:

Fleet Insurance, 24/7 Fleet Telematics, Fuel Card Management, Vehicle Customisations, Driver Behaviour Management & Coaching, Real-time On-Board Event Cameras & Tracking, In-Depth Accident Investigations and Licensing and Registration.

Vehicle Disposals

We assist you with an optimal vehicle disposal schedule for your fleet vehicles to maximise returns on the sale of the assets at end of term.

Extensive value-adds

24/7 Fleet Telematics

Vehicle tracking, incident & usage monitoring & route management.

Fuel Card Management

A safe, monitored way for drivers to pay for fuel or tolls & prevent fraud.

Vehicle Customisations

Professional vehicle customisations to suit your requirements and industry.

Driver Behaviour

Improve driver behaviour with 24/7 tracking & lower fuel cost & risk.