Bell Loggers Delivery

We recently delivered two Bell Loggers to a client in Mpumalanga to assist in forestry operations.

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Extra Robust Bell Loggers for Maximum Productivity in Working with Saw Logs and Pulp.

The Bell logger designs came from the highly efficient designs of the Bell cane loaders and even today, there are still no rivals that can compete with the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the Bell loaders and loggers.

Irvine Bell was the inventor of the load and log concept design of the loggers as we know it today. The concept was developed during the early sixties, with the aim of designing a piece of machinery that could duplicate or replicate the way a person would approach a pile of cane or timber and pick it up. Irvine’s idea became a reality and it proved to be superior in design.

The machine design has over the years undergone a few changes to maximise its load capacity, agility and efficiency. The design simplicity is what makes the machine so beautiful and efficient. Many companies have tried to copy the Tri-Wheeler in the Bell product stable, but none has been successful. As one of the strongest, most efficient, robust and fuel economical machines of its kind, the Bell logger/loader is widely used in the timber industry.

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