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Why choose Kishugu® Fleet Solutions?

  • We offer holistic fleet management solutions to minimise costs and maximise driver/passenger safety.
  • Track and React systems are deployed across all fleet for real-time driver tracking.
  • Comprehensive custom-generated fleet packages including vehicles and management services can also be supplied to third parties providing a complete fleet management solution reducing risks to clients.

Value Added Service

Our fleet monitoring solution utilising onboard cameras and GPS systems deliver a comprehensive end-to-end approach to Driver and Fleet Risk Management. It provides the essential elements for improving driver behavior and dramatically reduce claims, fuel and other fleet costs.

Risk Management

  • Optimised driver behaviour with DriveCam intelligence.
  • Reduced operational costs.
  • Reduced premiums on your current insurance.
  • Reduced the risk of accidents and reconstruct the accidents that occur.
  • Improved HR functions with actionable insights into driver behaviour.
  • Optimised scheduling of your tasks and deliveries.
  • Increased actionable insights into your fleet operations.

Current Fleet

The current Kishugu® Fleet consists of Light Duty Vehicles (LDV’s), Personnel Carriers and Fire Trucks. Kishugu® Fleet applies global best practices, comprehensive fleet management solutions and ensures standardisation of vehicles and equipment.

Fleet Management

Our fleet monitoring solution utilises onboard cameras and GPS systems for a comprehensive approach to Driver and Fleet Risk Management. It improves driver behaviour and dramatically reduces claims, fuel and other fleet costs.
Good driver behaviour or a lack thereof has a direct influence on cost-effectiveness. Driver training/development is ongoing. Coupled with this, to enable meticulous monitoring, KFS employs the DriveCam management system.
The DriveCam system tracks multiple vehicles around the country, allowing you to pinpoint movement and productivity at any times. Despite an increasing fleet and kilometres, the accident ratio, downtime and maintenance costs decreases.

Track and React

Track and React helps identify why accidents happen using a video event recorder to capture and assists in correcting risky driving habits. It identifies, prioritises and corrects the causes of poor driving before accidents. This approach can transform safety cultures and helps prevent fraudulent claims while saving lives.

Fleet Management Process
  • Fleet policy development ensures the customer has a specific fleet policy, to determine: Leasing period; Depreciation; Safety requirements; Replacement policy.
  • Vehicle selection based on the needs and requirements of the customer’s vehicle selection criteria.
  • Procurement through high level negotiations, ensure cost effective products, and tenders are managed transparently.
  • Finance options are to be secured through finance houses and manufacturers and evaluated objectively.
  • Suitable insurance cover to be obtained through the mitigation of fleet risk products.
  • Driver behaviour management with DriveRisk products like DriveCam and DriveTrac, managing driver and passenger risk.
  • Fuel cost management to ensure fuel costs are tracked daily, to optimise fuel use and limit potential fraud risk.
  • Maintenance cost – We utilise the manufacturers’ offering and requirements and negotiate the best maintenance solution to minimise cost and ensure high levels of uptime.
  • Disposal of assets – implementation of a programme to maximise returns on the sale of the assets at end of term.

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“Track and React systems are deployed across all fleet vehicles to enable real-time driver tracking and behaviour.”