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Fleet Leasing & Rentals

We cater for all market requirements and offer a full maintenance lease plan/contract, with value added products such as driver behaviour management tools which is linked to on­board cameras, tracking, insurance, fuel management and many more, all tailormade to the needs of any client.


  • Lower financial implications.
  • Lower admin and system costs when you lease fleet. Infrastructure and personnel costs at R350 per vehicle per month, I 00 vehicles = R35,000 per month, 1,000 vehicles R350,000 per month which amounts to R4,2 million per year.
  • Maintenance savings of up to 20% more than owned solution.
  • Owned fleet generally runs at a utilisation of between 60% en 70%, outsourced solutions runs between 90% and 95%.
  • Residual risk: Due to owned fleet being run from cradle to grave, the fleet does not exhume a positive image to the public nor its staff. Outsourced solutions ensure that the fleet is renewed at optimal economic life.
  • Cash flow constraints: Capex is utilised for non-revenue generating assets. Outsources solutions enables businesses to invest cash flow into their core business activities.


Our unique fleet management solutions provide you with the expertise, experience and best technology to enhance the operation of your vehicles.

Kishugu Fleet Solutions are flexible and easily adaptable to our client requirements therein assisting us in providing our clients to get maximum business mileage from the corporate fleet management.


  • Reduced costs (managing, maintaining, controlling fleet through specialists).
  • Cannot manage what you can’t measure.
  • Lower risk management.
  • Primary value in usage, not ownership.

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