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Driver Behaviour Management

Good driver behaviour or a lack thereof has a direct influence on cost­ effectiveness. Our systems provide 24/7 driver behaviour monitoring, vehicle tracking and provide insights into why accidents happen.


Kishugu Fleet Solutions provide real-time fleet management solutions utilising on-board event cameras & tracking.

Our Journey Management Centre currently manages 510 vehicles and 1,050 drivers via our monitoring systems with eyes on screen 24/7. We manage driver’s risks, removing the onus from clients where fleet size does not warrant a full-time control room.


Car Track is an add-on service to our current package. It’s one of the top 10 largest vehicle telematics companies globally.

Kishugu Fleet Solutions make it their business to ensure the products we install, are from the highest quality and add value to your fleet packages.


This identifies why accidents happen, using a video event recorder of 8 seconds to capture and assists in correcting risky driving habits.

It identifies, prioritises and corrects the causes of poor driving before accidents. This approach transforms safety cultures and helps prevent fraudulent claims while saving lives.


  • Driver coaching and behaviour management
  • Real time fleet management solutions utilising on-board event cameras and tracking
  • Fuel card expense management
  • In-depth accident investigations
  • Vehicle modifications according to client needs and vehicle maintenance .. and service.
  • Licence and registration
  • Fleet policy development

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