About Us

We supply comprehensive custom-generated fleet packages including vehicles and management services, providing a complete fleet management solution to third parties, which reduces risks to clients.

Our value-added services consist of driver coaching and behavior management, real time fleet management solutions utilising on-board event cameras and tracking, fuel card expense management, in-depth accident investigations, vehicle modifications according to client needs and vehicle maintenance and service.


Kishugu Fleet Solution’s (KFS’) intention is to offer a world-class fleet management and risk solution that will maximise driver and passenger safety while also minimising costs. This applies to moving assets and people. Part of this service is vehicle procurement, finance, and insurance, maintenance and disposal of assets. A key element to ensure the cost-effectiveness of the total operation, which manages no less than 400 vehicles, is that of driver management. Good driver behaviour or a lack thereof, does have a very direct influence on cost-effectiveness. Driver training and development is ongoing and coupled with this and to enable meticulous monitoring, KFS employs the DriveCam management system.

With multiple bases in every province around the country, it is imperative to pinpoint the movement and productivity of every vehicle at all times. The DriveCam system allows for the latter and has in fact, despite the constantly increasing fleet and increased kilometres, decreased the accident ratio and thus downtime and maintenance costs. KFS’ operation methodologies do not just contribute to Kishugu’s philosophy “for the greater good” of the communities it serves, but also extends to its staff, other road users and beyond.


Kishugu Holdings has over 30 years’ experience in a variety of global landscapes affected by fire.

It has done widespread work in protecting, preventing and suppressing wildfire.

Our global leadership in Integrated Fire Management is maintained through innovation and investing in people. Our belief in high environmental and ethical standards is reflected in our core values of accountability, teamwork, excellence and making a difference. We are a Level 1 B-BBEE company who believes in the power of the collective.

These four subsidiaries, through our extensive knowledge and experience, have spread its wings beyond the horizons of wildfire firefighting and entered into various markets.


Be the leader in aerial firefighting and aviation services in sub-Saharan Africa.


Aviation services that focus on safety, quality, client service and innovation.



In September 2018, Kishugu Fleet Solutions spread its wings to reach a wider market, and merged with Mthunzi Mhle Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a powerful black female company which secured 60% ownership of Kishugu Fleet Solutions.


Kishugu Fleet Solutions also keep more than 5,000 firefighters from across all nine provinces in the country safe on the road.